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ISBN 978-83-944520-1-8


Introduction - Livia Ludhova
1. The Physics of Geoneutrinos and their Detection - Oleg Smirnov
2. The Earth, its Formation, Structure, and Composition - Francis Nimmo
3. Geochemical Models of the Earth and Mantle Radioactivity- Kristi L. Engel and Bill McDonough
4. The Earth Heat Budget, Crustal Radioactivity and Geoneutrino Production - Claude Jaupart and Jean-Claude 
5. Reactor Anti-neutrino Background  in Geoneutrino Measurements - Barbara Ricci and
6. Borexino Geo-neutrino Results - Sandra Zavatarelli
7. KamLAND Geo-neutrino Results - Hiroko Watanabe  
8. SNO + Geo-neutrino Program - Mark Chen
9. JUNO Geo-neutrino Program - Han Ran, Livia Ludhova, M. He, Y.F. Li and J. Cao